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Starting at any new company can be overwhelming. ACT strives to ensure that this process is as easy as possible for all staff. Below is a link to access the required documents needed to start joining our team.

Free RBT Training - Autism Partnership Foundation

ABA Therapy

Starting any new service for you child can be overwhelming. Worrying about insurance and the overall process is stressful. ACT takes that stress away and has everything in once place. The link below takes you to Central Reach, a website to enter all required info for you child's intake. Please feel free to call us at 855-5-AUTISM if you should have any questions.

Click Here


With the parent's consent, we here at ACT strive to ensure that educators are involved with the child's milestones. The link below will give you access to log in to see the child's progress to work together to ensure that our children reach their full potential.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Comprehensive Parent Training

Skill and Confidence Building Program to Create Trust and Cooperation in the Parent-Child Interaction.

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