Getting Started

Trying to figure out where or how to start might be overwhelming. ACT will walk you through the steps and ensure that you are provided with the information that you need. Below is a visual representation of the initial steps to get started at ACT.
Collection of Information

A member of ACT's team will contact you to collect the important documents and insurance information.

Verification of Benefits

ACT will contact insurance and obtain a Verification of Benefit (VOB) sheet and will share it with you.


You, the parents, review the VOB. Once you agree on the service, a member of our team will set an intake interview with you.


An assigned BCBA will design a plan to fit your child's needs exactly.

Services Begin!

ACT services begin. You're hereby members of the ACT family. Welcome aboard!


What to Expect

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Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will assess your child and set a plan. Sessions will be provided for your child. To ensure the highest quality of service, no session should be shorter than 2 hours or longer than 6 hours. You may schedule 2 sessions a day as long as they don’t exceed 8 hours total.

ACT provides frequent assessments to ensure that your child’s plan is adjusted to their needs to reach their full potential.

It all comes down to progress.

Our organization-wide philosophy is that every person deserves to live a happy life with their dignity preserved. Therefore, our organization-wide ultimate goal is to make socially significant progress towards a happier life that allows people on the spectrum to live with dignity.

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