Our Founder's Message

ACT is founded by a BCBA with personal experience raising a child with autism. Since ACT’s inception, our ultimate goal is to build a high-quality program that focuses on the child first and foremost.

At ACT, we strive to set our patients up for success. We do all that we can to help the family. We try to make the program as affordable as possible while maintaining the high quality of our services. This primarily sets us apart from other practices. We go above and beyond with supporting our families and advocating for our patients.

Our pro-bono clinic offers therapy for families without access to ABA through traditional methods. The clinic focuses on training parents in light of our mission of supporting our patients and their families.

Shaden Kassar, BCBA

Why do our clients choose us?

Why do our clients choose us img
  • High quality program
  • Real progress
  • Excellent customer service
  • Passionate care
  • And most importantly, we put our customer’s benefit first.

Company Culture

We are proud to be a customer-centered organization. Every employee at every level has our customers’ best interest in heart.  ACT believes that, when employees are satisfied and engaged, the result is deeper customer connections and an elevated customer experience.

Company Culture


ACT’s mission is to provide outstanding therapeutic services that improve the quality of life for our children and prepare them for a better future


ACT’s vision is to help people with autism reach their full potential, one child at a time.



ACT values educating the community and parents to make a difference in our children’s present life and future.


ACT values empowering our children to make socially significant progress, as well as empowering our staff to ensure that ACT’s provided services are of the highest quality possible.


ACT values enriching the lives of our children to reach their full potential.


ACT values excellent services with the highest standards of integrity and respect.


ACT values engaging the community and parents to provide well-rounded service focused on benefiting the children first and foremost.

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